Fennel DEFINITION Fennel is a herb with the botanical name foeniculum vulgare. It’s also known as bitter fennel, sweet fennel, wild fennel, carosella, Florence fennel, finocchio, garden fennel and large fennel.   DESCRIPTION Fennel originally grew along the seashores of the Mediterranean coast and grows wild in many countries of… Read Article


Garlic DEFINITION Garlic is a herb with the botanical name Allium sativum. It is also known as ail, allium, camphor of the poor, da-suan, knoblaunch, la suan, nectar of the gods, poor-man’s-treacle and stinking rose. DESCRIPTION Garlic has a long history of use by many cultures, including the ancient Romans… Read Article


Ginger DEFINITION Ginger has the botanical name Zingiber officinale and is part of the Zingiberaceae family of plants. Originally found growing naturally in South East Asia it is now grown commercially in India, China, West Indies, Australia and Nigeria. Ginger is a root which propagates all the year round and… Read Article

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba DEFINITION Ginkgo biloba is commonly known as Maidenhair Tree, Kew Tree and Fossil Tree. DESCRIPTION Ginkgo biloba is native to China and Japan. It is one of the most widely used herbs in the Chinese medical tradition. Its first recorded medicinal use was published in 2800BC. Modern medicine… Read Article


Guarana DEFINITION The Guarana vine has the botanical name of Paullinia cupana. It is also known as Brazillian Cocoa, Guarana Gum, Guarana Paste and Zoom. DESCRIPTION This plant grows naturally in the Amazon region of Brazil in South America. The herb is a climbing plant and supports itself in the… Read Article


Horseradish DEFINITION Horseradish is a plant with the botanical name of Armoracia rusticana. It is also known as Pepperrot. DESCRIPTION The root of this plant has been used in herbal applications. Horseradish contains coumarins, phenols, volatile oils, ascorbic acid, asparagin, peroxidase enzymes, resin and carbohydrates. Young leaves can be used… Read Article


Peppermint DEFINITION Peppermint is a herb with the botanical name Mentha piperita. DESCRIPTION The herb is native to Europe and found growing in moist areas such as the banks of streams. It is cultivated extensively throughout Central and Southern Europe and America. The stems of the plant grow to approximately… Read Article


Rosehips DEFINITION Rosehips is a herb with the botanical name of Rosa canina is associated with the Rosaceae family of plants.  The fruits of the herb contain several important constituents including vitamin C, pectin, tannin, fruit acids and a fatty oil. INTERACTIONS Herbal supplements can alter the effects of certain… Read Article


Senega DEFINITION Senega is a herb with the botanical name Polygala senega and is part of the Polygalaceae family of plants. The plant is native to the US. The name Senega is thought to come from a tribe of American Indians of the Seneca tribe.  The herb is a perennial… Read Article