Cystitis diet

Cystitis diet DEFINITION The aim of the diet for Cystitis is to dilute and increase the amount of urine, to include foods and beverages which have a mild anti-bacterial effect and to keep the urine alkaline to reduce painful symptoms. DIET SHOULD BE HIGH IN Fluids. An attack of Cystitis… Read Article

Dairy free diet

Dairy free diet DEFINITION The aim of the Dairy-Free Diet is to eliminate major and minor sources of dairy foods and their derivatives in order to prevent symptoms of the food intolerance or allergy from occurring. DESCRIPTION Any suspected food intolerance or allergy should be diagnosed and assessed by a… Read Article

Depression diet

Depression diet DEFINITION The aim of the diet for Depression is to provide adequate nutrients for optimal health and brain function, adequate fluid to keep the body well hydrated, to maintain blood sugar levels and to include foods which have a beneficial effect on mood. Regular, gentle exercise is recommended… Read Article

Detoxification diet

Detoxification diet A detoxification diet is similar to a liver cleansing diet in that it rids the body of built-up toxins and replaces them with nutrients. Extreme restrictive dietary behavior (eg. a fluid-only diet or limiting the diet to only eating fruit and vegetables) can be dangerous to your health… Read Article

Diarrhoea diet

Diarrhoea diet DEFINITION The aim of the diet for Diarrhoea is to rest the bowel and provide adequate fluid and electrolyte intake to replace losses. DESCRIPTION Diarrhoea is a symptom, not a disease in itself. Always consult your Doctor for appropriate diagnosis of the underlying cause. The Diarrhoea Diet is… Read Article

Digestive disorders diet

Digestive disorders diet DEFINITION The aim of the diet for Digestive Disorders is to improve the breakdown and absorption of nutrients after eating, reducing symptoms such as bloating, flatulence (gas) and abdominal discomfort. DESCRIPTION It is important that your Doctor is consulted to exclude any underlying cause of poor digestion…. Read Article

Eczema diet

Eczema diet The effect of diet on eczema is still unclear. Certain foods such as milk, eggs, nuts, wheat and chocolate have been linked with food allergy and associated health problems such as eczema. However, it is not recommended to remove foods from the diet without professional advice.  Recent evidence… Read Article

Flatulence diet

Flatulence diet DEFINITION The aim of the diet for Flatulence is to eliminate the foods that are causing excessive gas production, while retaining a nutritionally adequate diet. DESCRIPTION If you are experiencing excessive flatulence, it is important to consult your Doctor to rule out an underlying medical condition. A trial… Read Article

Gallstones diet

Gallstones diet DEFINITION The aim of the diet for Gallstones is to reduce the risk factors which may lead to gallstone formation. Special diets may not always stop stones from forming, but they can help prevent inflammation caused by the stones (cholecystitis). DESCRIPTION IF GALLSTONES ARE NOT PRESENT: Obesity is… Read Article

Gastric reflux diet

Gastric reflux diet DEFINITION The aim of the diet for Gastric Reflux and Hiatus Hernia is to improve gastric emptying, to minimise acid production in the stomach, to avoid foods which may irritate a damaged oesophagus, to avoid constipation and to help control weight where necessary.   DIET SHOULD BE… Read Article